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Lead Testing Bronx NY

Is anyone interested in learning if the lead paint in their home or building has been contaminated? If so, we can assist. EPA-certified lead risk inspectors and abatement specialists are available at Mold Removal Bronx NY, to assist them in locating and removing lead-based risks from their house or structure. The exterior, interior, and roof of their property will all be carefully inspected by our specialists. We will carefully remove any lead-based materials from the area after we have found them. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of inspection services for newly built or refurbished homes and buildings.

Lead Testing & Lead Removal For Bronx NY Residents

Lead paint is removed from Bronx houses and apartments with the aid of Bronx Mold Removal. We assist tenants, landlords, and property managers lower lead exposure and poisoning. Our team authorizes mold testing. Mold spores and other allergens that cause hay fever or asthma can be tested. Leaks of carbon monoxide (CO) gas, which can accumulate in their home, can be fatal. We provide free consultations so they may learn about their lead testing, removal, and mitigation options before dealing with lead paint or mold growth in their house or apartment.

Lead Paint Removal - Reputable & Reliable Contractor in Bronx, NY

Lead paint was banned in American homes in 1960. The United States never implemented the national ban, and we can find lead paint in many older buildings. Even while lead paint is no longer used in new construction, it still poses a risk in older structures because it peels and chips easily. The dust can be inhaled by children and adults, causing learning disabilities and neurological disorders. Bronx Mold Removal removes lead paint from older NYC homes and apartments. This shields children and adults from this dangerous substance.

Lead Testing At Homes and Workplace

Lead can cause health issues. Their building may have had lead-based paint before 1960. On August 9, 2025, like within one year of a child under the age of six residing in the unit, landlords must do XRF lead inspections in accordance with Local Law 31 of 2020. If anyone has any inquiries or would want to schedule an inspection, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If anyone has any inquiries or would want to schedule an inspection, please don’t hesitate to contact us. This law protects renters’ lead paint rights and responsibilities. The law also requires landlords to have all necessary lead paint hazard information to protect renters and occupants. Even if their building was not built before 1960, it might contain lead-based paint. Because they are more sensitive to lead, children under six are less likely to be affected by it.

Lead Paint Removal Cost In Bronx NY

If anyone is looking for a low-cost way to remove lead paint from their Bronx property, they should look into our lead abatement services. We are an EPA-certified lead abatement company that can handle any lead abatement method that they require. We can remove lead paint, replace it with new material, encapsulate it, or contain it in a designated space. We can also assist them with renovations and upgrades to make their home safer for children and adults. Our inspectors will come to their property and assess the situation so that we can provide them with a quote that meets their needs—and our prices are so low that they will almost certainly meet theirs as well!

Lead Paint Testing Near Me? Get It Done Today!

Bronx Mold Removal is a full-service lead testing company that conducts thorough testing and evaluations of all potential sources of lead hazards. Their property will be thoroughly inspected and subject to risk assessments by our team of qualified experts, who will then recommend the best repair strategy. Our services include X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing, paint chip sampling and analysis, lead dust wipe testing, inspection reports and remediation plans, and risk assessments for lead-based hazards conducted following HUD guidelines. The results of our lab tests are shared with our clients to protect their privacy so they can decide how to best deal with any potential hazards on their properties.

Don't Take Lead Hazards Lightly – Bronx Mold Removal.

Please don’t be concerned about lead hazards in their home or office. Bronx Mold Removal is here to assist them. We understand how difficult it can be to remove lead from their property, but we also know that it is not something they should attempt on their own. We’re experts at removing lead and other hazardous materials, so call us immediately if anyone is concerned about lead hazards in their home or business.

About the Company

As a business committed to offering top-notch services, Bronx Mold Removal collaborates with engineers and industrial hygienists to guarantee that our clients receive trustworthy outcomes of the highest caliber. We prioritize helping them make informed decisions about their circumstance because we recognize that they require assistance with their environmental safety concerns. Our skilled team of experts completes extensive training and earns certifications. As a result, they are always up to speed with the most current industry requirements regarding their knowledge of environmental dangers and safety procedures. Our top priority is making them happy. In all we do, we constantly aim to go above and above for our clients. Our services and programs are tailored to their demands and provide solutions that work.


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